1. If you are in NYC this weekend get yourself to Bertolucci’s THE CONFORMIST, a new restored print of which will screen in New York’s Film Forum starting this Friday.

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  2. shihlun:

    Of Walking in Ice by Werner Herzog (1980), Front Cover

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    💥💣💥 yes,sir! I can boogie (en Museo Reina Sofía)

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    A rare promotional poster by The Incredible Bruce Conner for his great, early film Cosmic Ray. The poster came to us housed in an envelope with a letter from Conner on his stationary, which, if you were wondering, is printed with the legend “The Incredible Bruce Conner”. All we can do is agree. 

    From today’s new arrivals. All the fetishistic details here. The sun is out and we are cataloguing on the loading dock. 

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  5. chadhartigan:

    The Cable Guy (1996)
    Ben Stiller

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    US poster for THERESE AND ISABELLE (Radley Metzger, USA, 1968)

    Designer: uncredited

    Poster source: Heritage Auctions

    Read more about Radley Metzger and see more of his posters at Movie Poster of the Week on MUBI.

  8. sunday-paper:

    Beginning Middle End - Episode 5 - Patrick Brice

    I recently had the good fortune to sit down and talk shop with Patrick Brice. Over an excellent French press, we caught up about his two feature films Creep and The Overnight, his short doc Maurice, and finding meaning in even the dumbest things. Patrick also references a great moment in Claire Denis’ Beau Travail, which you should watch here.

  9. fette:

    Top, screen capture from L’Avventura, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960. Bottom, Mulholland Drive, directed by David Lynch, 2001. Via.

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  10. shihlun:

    Delphine Seyrig in Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975)

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    US poster for THE ONE I LOVE (Charlie McDowell, USA, 2014)

    Artist: Akiko Stehrenberger

    Poster source: IMPAwards

  14. todf:

    "The Halloween III animation was fairly simple. I enlarged the logo that production used for their TV spots and had it printed out on a grid. That made it simple to manually generate X and Y data for the logo. The program that animated the reveal of the scan lines was written in Fortran*. I could control the speed of the lines as they animated onto the screen, and did several detail animations of different parts of the logo, as well as the entire pumpkin…One interesting aspect of shooting the graphic was that Tommy wanted some occasional static and video breakup to it. This posed a problem, since the monitor we were using was being fed directly from the computer, and it produced a consistent, stable image no matter what we tried. What we ended up doing was piping the video through the wireless link of a Steadicam monitor system. We added video glitches by messing with the antenna system on the unit!" -John Wash, title sequence designer.

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  15. shihlun:

    Wim Wenders by Jan Dawson, New York, Zoetrope, 1976.

    (fourth printing 1980)

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